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This site is easy to use: just click on the appropriate Menu item to view its products.

To move between pages within a heading just click on the page number in the bar above items. If no bar appears it means that all items under that heading are on that page. To view an item in more detail, click on the ‘click to view’ button beneath the description. From here you can enlarge the picture or order as many packs as you wish. The prices quoted are pack prices but GST is not included. ( this is added at the end of your order.)

When ordering put in the amount of packs needed and ‘add to cart’.
(Please note: We only sell in pack sizes so if you order 4 of an item where the pack size is 12 you will end up with 48 of that item. Some items are sold individually so please keep an eye on the pack sizes.)

If you prefer to order by phone rather than using the online method, contact us on 9489 1231 or 0412 260 871 to place an order over the phone.